All Guests are required to read our terms and conditions of stay and sign that they are happy to live in accordance with them for the duration of their stay at SOHAM VILLAS, Arpora, Goa.

Article 1 - Application of Rules

These Rules are instituted for the comfort and security of the Guests of SOHAM VILLAS and are binding on all Guests and their invitees. “The Villa” or “Our property” refers to SOHAM VILLAS, House No. 526/13, Marinha Dourada Road, Nr The Park Hotel, Arpora, 403516, Baga, North Goa, India.

Article 2 - General Rules

2.1 Check In time to The Villa is between 1-2pm Villa and 12pm for Apartment and Check Out time is 10am. Timings may be flexible with Management Approval.

2.2 The full bill for your stay must be paid at the time of Check-In either by cash or bank transfer.

2.3 Proof of Identity: At the time of Check in all guests are required to provide the property management with a telephone number and valid national photographic proof of identity and address. Acceptable forms of identity are original Passport, OCI card, Voter ID card, Driving licence. We will take copies of the cards.

2.4 Guests will not cause any damage to the property and gardens, and will deposit all rubbish and dirt in the provided bins.  Upon Check out the villa will be thoroughly checked and guests will be liable to pay for any losses, defaced or broken items within the property.

2.5 Guests will be provided with one key at the time of Check In. This should be returned at the time of check out, Any damage to the key will result in a charge of Rs.4,500. It is not permitted to lock the villa or any rooms within with personal locks.

2.6 Please protect your belongings and take responsibility for the locking of the property as Soham Villas and any of our employees cannot be held responsible for any articles lost or stolen from the villa during your stay.

2.7 Guests will take full responsibility for their physical  safety throughout their stay: children should be attended whilst in the swimming pool and no one under the influence of alcohol should enter the pool. Soham Villas takes no responsibility for any casualty or mortality that takes place in our property.

2.8 Guests will not interfere with the work and routine of any of the employees of Soham Villas such as the duties of daily Housekeeping.

2.9 Park at your own risk – Soham Villas is not responsible for any kind of damage or theft to any vehicles either parked on site or on the road.

Article 3 – General Restrictions

3.1 No Commercial Use

No part of our property may be used in any way (directly or indirectly) for any business, commercial, manufacturing, mercantile, storing or vending purposes, or for any purposes which are not consistent with the villa being used for the purpose of human habitation.

3.2 No Nuisance

Noise and Shouting: Guests are expected not to display any rude, drunkard, loud or absurd behaviour. Please do not emit excessively noxious odours or make unnecessary noise in the villa or garden area which may cause disturbance to the neighbours.

3.3 No Animals

No animals of any kind may be brought on to our property.

3.4 No Smoking

No Smoking is permitted within the interior of the property. Outside spaces such as balconies; terraces; garden and poolside lounge area are available for smoking.


Strict anti-narcotics laws prevail in Goa. Drug related offences are a special category of Cognizable and Non-Bailable offences and are prosecuted under The Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985. The punishment under this Act ranges from 6 months to a maximum of 30 years depending upon the nature of the offence. Soham Villas will not tolerate any drugs being kept, bought, sold or consumed in our property.

3.6 Unsightly Items

Fires are prohibited under any circumstance Clothing or household fabrics must not be hung, dried or aired in such a way as to be visible on whole or in part from the street.

3.7 Hazardous Goods

Storing of hazardous goods such as gas cylinders, cooking stoves, inflammable fuels, firearms, etc. in the premises by guests is strictly prohibited and a cognizable offence by law.

Article 4 - Security Controls

1. Admission to The Villa

A person who is not a Guest may not enter our property without prior notification of the identity of such person including providing a valid national proof of identity with a photo (Passport; Driving License; OCI Card; Voter ID or PAN card) to the security personnel; owners or authorized representative of Soham Villas.

2. Right to Refuse Admission

Soham Villas have the right to prohibit entry to or remove from our property any persons that they consider may be entering for a purpose that breaches or may breach any of these Rules, or any of the laws of the country. Soham Villas and our employees are not liable for any damage caused by them to persons or property in carrying out their responsibilities under these Rules.

Article 5 - Further Rules and Penalties

1. Soham Villas may from time to time, at its sole discretion, amend or supplement these Rules.

2. A Guest or any other person who contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of these Rules shall be liable to:

a. Removal from the villa premises if Soham Villas deems such removal in the best interests of preserving the amenity and safety of our property, employees or neighbors.

b. Imposition of a fine for anyone in breach of the rules.

c. Pay for any damages or charges incurred by yourself or your guest visiting the villa during your stay.